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Why Work at the Lockwood Group?

We are driven to invest in our employees and create a positive work environment to ensure their growth and happiness. If this resonates with you, let’s talk.

Core Values, Culture, and Work Environment

We are serious about carefully designing a culture centered around what is most important to us – our Core Values. We seek to hire, promote and grow our team based on these core values. This, we envision, creates a culture that promotes everybody’s best self to thrive in. Please visit our Core Values and make certain they align to your beliefs.

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We are focused on designing unique benefit packages that make sense for every individual. If you are single, have a family, an armed forces veteran, or a retired government employee – we have the right package in place. Always innovating, we continue to explore and expand our suite of benefits to ensure we provide you a future that you can count on. Interested in learning more?

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We understand the importance of having time for your family and your personal life. We have a compensated leave policy in place that covers vacations, unplanned sickness, holidays, and other unexpected reasons for absence. We believe you are professionals and aim to respect that in how we manage your time away. We firmly believe in work/life balance for fulfillment and are committed to working with you to ensure you have the proper balance and fulfillment from your career. Interested in learning more?

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Compensation at TLG

We have a strong belief that reinvesting in our employees is the key to a well-balanced growth strategy. Because your fair compensation is a high priority for us, we will always work with you to ensure your salary needs are met. Prosper with us. Interested in learning more?

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Open Communication

You will find your work experience to be different at The Lockwood Group. We believe in creating an atmosphere of openness and communication, encouraging shared opinions and new ideas. We happily take on the responsibility to motivate you to be a contributor to our mutual success. Interested in learning more?

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Career Development

Career development is our promise to you. We leverage training methods and promote continual improvement through education, on the job training and freedom to guide you along in the advancement of your skills. We value leaders who view their primary responsibility as seeing others succeed. Interested in learning more?

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Our People


James Lockwood is the co-founder of the Lockwood Group who serves as President responsible for setting the vision and leadership for the company. The Lockwood Group is founded upon the foundation of our core values which we aim to architect into the DNA of the organization. Serving our people remains the focus of my leadership. […]

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JIM LOCKWOOD, Vice President

Jim Lockwood is the co-founder of The Lockwood Group who serves as Vice President responsible for driving growth, creating value and executing objectives across Lockwood’s markets. When I think back to the time when James and I started The Lockwood Group in 2009, we knew it would be a journey. Starting out from the Lockwood […]

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JEROME PARHAM, SR., Integrated Logistics Support Manager

Jerome serves as Lockwood’s Integrated Logistics Support Manager providing key subject matter expert support across Lockwood’s portfolio of programs. Jerome is a military logistics expert with over 25 years of logistics experience in uniform and as an Army Service Provider. Mr. Parham has led major ILS programs on Air, Ground and Soldier based platforms to […]

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Brendan serves as Lockwood’s APG Program Director responsible for overseeing the company’s growing portfolio of programs. Brendan brings over 18 years of leadership, program management and operations experience running complex global projects for DOD and Federal Customers. He has continuously delivered exceptional performance for his customers seeking to exceed their expectations. Brendan brings added competency […]

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Jason serves as Lockwood’s Huntsville Program Director responsible for overseeing the company’s portfolio of Huntsville based programs. Jason brings forth 30 years of program management, leadership and military experience with a passion of service to customers and soldiers. Local to Huntsville for the past two decades, Jason is married to the former Tonya Collett from […]

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Job Openings at The Lockwood Group

Working with TLG is easy. Our employment platform allows qualified candidates to find their next rewarding career move.



Do you know someone who you think would be a great addition to our organization and who meets the qualifications of an existing open requisition? The Lockwood Group is always looking for great people to join our team, and you can help whether you are an employee or friend of the company. Referral candidates who meet our qualifications can be emailed to the Talent Acquisition Team at

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