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Cyber Security

The Lockwood Group delivers cyber security training services to ensure our federal and defense customers maintain the highest readiness offensively and defensively. Our cyber training services combine functional and technical expertise with certified training experts to deliver training services aligned to the latest cutting-edge knowledge in the latest Cyber environment, networking, operations and information systems. We are well equipped with Unified Land, Cyberspace, and Electronic Warfare Operations experts capable of providing advice and consultation on the integration of Cyberspace Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) to support the Multi-Domain Battle. All trainers are certified in Instructional System Design and are put through our rigorous internal training program to ensure we deliver the most effective instructors on our staff. Our trainers go through annual reviews evaluating courses and quality of instruction to ensure we continually improve.

  • Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
  • Offensive & Defensive Cyberspace Operations (OCO & DCO)
  • Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN)
  • Combined Arms Maneuver and Targeting
  • Collection Management and Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Engineering Services

The Lockwood Group has expertise in Engineering and Testing of military weapon systems in accordance to military standards to ensure the safety, reliability and operational capability while ensuring continued sustainment of the weapon system throughout its life cycle. Management of lifecycle costs is an essential function in the design of a military weapon system with costs driven by many factors to include reliability and sustainment. Lockwood is mission ready to drive down costs while improving system engineering, safety and reliability.

  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Safety Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Systems Integration
  • Test Support

Field Support Services

The Lockwood Group has a global footprint of highly technical field support representatives, logisticians and fielding experts positioned to support the delivery and sustainment of fielded technology systems. No time in the material life cycle is as critical or has a greater impact on the success of a weapon system than during handoff to the soldier, requiring accuracy in the delivery of all hardware, software, spares, support items, and technical manuals. Combined with support throughout its lifecycle, Lockwood is mission ready to make certain your next system is fielding and supported with precision.

  • Field Support Representatives
  • Redistribution of Displaced System
  • Technical Support
  • Total Package Fielding
  • Systems Integration

Integrated Logistics Support Services

The Lockwood Group has a team of integrated logistics support professionals with expertise across all 12 product support elements to ensure mission readiness of your next logistics project.

  • Product Support Management
  • Supply Support
  • Packaging, Handling Storage & Transportation
  • Maintenance Planning & Management
  • Design Interface
  • Sustaining Engineering
  • Computer Resources
  • Facilities & Infrastructure
  • Manpower & Personnel
  • Support Equipment
  • Training & Training Support

Program Management

The Lockwood Group employs experienced DOD and Federal Government program managers ready to support your next project. We ensure our projects meet the quality standards of our customers while seeking to always exceed performance expectations. Ultimately, Lockwood’s program management services ensure programs meet the cost, schedule and technical requirements for our customers.

  • Baseline Planning
  • Control
  • Execution
  • Organization
  • Plan vs. Actual
  • Quality Management System
  • Resource Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Schedule Performance
  • Technical Performance

Technical Services

The Lockwood Group develops, modernizes and sustains systems to improve the readiness of our customers. Our services ensure that technology meets the needs of the enterprise and the individual user while improving capabilities and readiness through new solutions, experienced personnel, and systems integration.

  • End user support
  • Machine learning
  • Network administration and engineering
  • Predictive data analytics
  • Software development
  • Systems administration and engineering
  • Training

Training Services

The Lockwood Group employs certified instructors, training specialists and technical writers to develop comprehensive and supportable systems for our soldiers. Equipping the force brings together new systems and soldiers behind years of design, test, planning, and programming which culminates in the transformation of a soldier or combat unit into a more capable warfighter. Soldiers need training on the basic operation and maintenance of a system, as well as leader tactics to be fully combat ready. Lockwood is mission ready to ensure our Soldiers are equipped well beyond the capability of our adversaries.

  • Commercial Technology Training
  • Cyber & Information Assurance Training
  • New Equipment Training
  • Sustainment Training
  • Weapon Systems and Platform Training

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