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Core Values

The Lockwood Group aspires to build an organization of continuous improvement driving toward excellence while delivering the highest level of service to our customers.

We aim to surround ourselves with the best and brightest providing a work environment to grow and thrive.

Founded by a family, we are people-first and place our customers at the forefront of all that we do, ensuring that we always deliver value to them.

To shape this vision, we firmly believe in the following Core Values.

Ethics and Integrity

Ethics are the moral principles that govern a person’s behavior. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having good moral principles.

We will:

• Operate with honesty and the highest integrity in all that we do.

• Be the best stewards in how we manage and protect sensitive information – company, sensitive, proprietary and classified.

• Be proactive in maintaining our ethics and integrity; if we see or know something is not being done right, we will make certain to report it or stop it.

• Ensure Accurate Time Keeping always.

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Customer Commitment

The customer is first always!

We will:

• Be the Problem Solvers that our customers rely on regularly.

• Aspire to promote our customer’s accomplishments in developing solutions that ensure they are successful.

• Always act in our customer’s best interest building trust and long-lasting relationships.

• Ensure quality and customer satisfaction remains of highest importance, embedded in all that we do as an organization.

• Make the right choice in all circumstances, being driven by what’s right for our customers.

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Founded by a family and run by a family we take pride where we’ve come from operating as a close knit team.

We will:

• Treat each other with the same level of care, honesty, respect, comfort and compassion you would for a loving family member.

• Maintain balanced and healthy lives for the sake of our family, work and personal well-being.

• Be thankful for each other and openly sharing our gratitude.

• Communicate openly and operate with a policy of Open Door communication at all levels of leadership.

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We aspire to serve our nation, our community and our families.

We will:

• Get involved and support the community, especially our Veterans who so proudly serve and sacrifice.

• Provide resources and time to give back to the community and improve America.

• Be good stewards of our nation’s precious resources – our tax dollars – and act in the best interest of our country always.

• Encourage the supporting of community involvement wherever we can.

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We hire highly capable people who we trust and provide a work environment of freedom for them to thrive and grow independently.

We will:

• Make wise decisions despite ambiguity.

• Understand the concept and always follow the “Best Idea Wins" when problem solving.

• Take smart risks.

• Be responsible and diligent in helping grow the company, winning new business and advancing one’s career, with the understanding these are all intertwined.

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Challenges are inevitable. The solution lies in our attitude and mindset in determining how we overcome them.

We will:

• Surround ourselves with positive people promoting a culture of positivity.

• Promote a positive culture, as problem solving is an element of one’s mindset. We believe a positive culture promotes everyone’s best self to flourish.

• Create a work environment where we all enjoy going each and every day surrounded by colleagues, friends and family.

• Hire, promote and develop a positive culture of like-minded, driven individuals working together to solve problems.

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Benefits at TLG

We have designed unique benefit packages that make sense for every individual. If you are single, have a family, an armed forces veteran, or a retired government employee – we have the right package in place. Always innovating, we continue to explore and expand our suite of benefits to ensure we provide you a future that you can count on. Interested in learning more?

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Work Life Balance at TLG

We understand the importance of having time for your family and your personal life. We have a compensated leave policy in place that covers vacations, unplanned sickness, holidays, and other unexpected reasons for absence. We believe you are professionals and aim to respect that in how we manage your time away. We’re committed to working with you to ensure you have the proper balance and fulfillment from your career. Interested in learning more?

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Compensation at TLG

We have a strong belief that reinvesting in our employees is the key to a well balanced growth strategy. Because your fair compensation is a high priority for us, we will always work with you to ensure your salary needs are met. Prosper with us. Interested in learning more?

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Work Enviroment at TLG

You will find your work experience to be different at The Lockwood Group. We believe in creating an atmosphere of openness and communication, encouraging shared opinions and new ideas. We happily take on the responsibility to motivate you to be a contributor to our mutual success. Interested in learning more?

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Career Development at TLG

Career development is our promise to you. We leverage proven training methods and promote continual improvement through education, to guide you along in the advancement of your skills. We value leaders who view their primary responsibility as seeing others succeed. Interested in learning more?

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Where we work

We’ve deployed Lockwood team members across the United States and beyond supporting missions in the Pacific Theater, Southwest Asia, EUCOM and more. The Lockwood Group has a global presence. The question is – how far do you want to go?

Job Openings at The Lockwood Group

Working with TLG is easy. Our employment platform allows qualified candidates to find their next rewarding career move.



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