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Our Story: Leading the Way to Mission Readiness

After 40 years of service, James Lockwood recognized a need to improve support to the soldier. During this period, soldiers were receiving rapidly developed commercial technology but not receiving the comprehensive support packages needed to sustain them. Their mission readiness was being compromised.

In 2010, James partnering with his son Jim together formed The Lockwood Group to serve the purpose of Leading the Way to Mission Readiness focused on their most important customer, the soldier.

Incorporating the military, technical, and leadership experience of James Lockwood with the business and entrepreneur experience of Jim Lockwood, The Lockwood Group now thrives on improving the readiness of all our customers.

At Lockwood, we look forward to serving the Soldier, our Nation and all customers helping to improve your mission readiness objectives.

The Lockwood Group

Company Profile

The Lockwood Group is an Integrated Solutions Provider supplying innovative services and solutions for our federal and military customers worldwide.

Our People>




APG, MD Huntsville, AL Eatontown, NJ Greater Philadelphia Region


Privately Held, Family Owned


Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) (CVE Certified)

Growth Rate:

Fast Growing Small Business with a three-year CAGR rate of 30%

Global Workforce:

Workforce executing programs across the globe throughout the United States, OCONUS and in Theaters of Operation.

Business Systems:

DCAA and DCMA compliant business systems while developing ISO9000 compliant project management processes.

Vision & Purpose

Service With A Vision

The Lockwood Group is an Integrated Solutions Provider delivering valued services across the development life cycle. We provide Integrated Logistics, Engineering, Field Support, Program Management, and Training services and solutions for our federal and military customers worldwide.

Our Credo and Core Values

The Lockwood mission is to create an organization focused on service. We serve – each other, the soldier, our customers, our employees, our partners, our vendors, our community – service is at the center of our Core Values and Culture.

Ethics & Integrity
Customer Commitment
Team & Family Environment

Founding Principles

Every day, we are motivated to grow the company, but remain rooted deeply in our principles.

Principle #1:
Invest in our people

We are driven to invest in our employees and create the most satisfying work environment, culture & supporting structure to ensure their growth and happiness.

Principle #2:
Forever Leading

We are determined to “Lead the Way” to help improve the “Mission Readiness” of the Nation.

Principle #3:
A connected culture

We strive to create an atmosphere of openness and stay connected with all of our team members and customers.

Principle #4:
We are driven to perform

We are driven to perform and take extra steps to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and employees.

Principle #5:
Innovative & Efficient

We are committed to delivering cost-efficient and innovative solutions that make functional sense for the intended users.

Principle #6:
Easy to work with

We are determined to make it easy to contract with us.

Principle #7:
Deliver on our promises

We are committed to deliver on all expectations set forth and to deliver the right solutions at the right time.

Global Footprint

The Lockwood Group has employees located across the US and globe. We’ve deployed personnel for major missions in Korea, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Germany, Japan and throughout the United States CONUS and OCONUS.

We have the business infrastructure, insurance, and capability to deploy contractors to support missions throughout the world.

Our business is strategically located near key customers: Army C4ISR at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD; Army, DOD and Federal agencies in Huntsville, AL, the Navy Yard in Philadelphia and the VA Technical Acquisition Center in Eatontown, NJ.

Leading the way
to mission readiness.

Proudly led by a military Veteran, we seek to continue our service to our nation and Veterans providing job, business and teaming opportunities to our great US service men and women.

Job Openings at The Lockwood Group

Working with TLG is easy. Our employment platform allows qualified candidates to find their next rewarding career move.



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