Retrograding $250B of C4ISR systems

September 26, 2016 - By thinkitfirst

Planning for future of our C4ISR Depot Workload

CECOM LRC was responsible for developing the Depot Maintenance Program Build for a $250B C4ISR commodity line consisting of all ACAT I, ACAT II, non-POR and QRC C4ISR systems returning from Southwest Asia. The intension of the Program Build was to identify funding requirements for C4ISR systems requiring Depot Repair, Upgrade and RESET reporting these metrics back to CECOM LRC Headquarters.


The Lockwood Group lays out the $250B workload plan for Army Depots

The Lockwood Group’s Logistics team assisted in the Program, Planning, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) process through formulation of the Depot Maintenance Program Build for all returning C4ISR systems for FY15-19 and FY14’s execution phase. This includes the development of OPS-29 plans, Depot Programming, Tracking, Reporting, Budgeting, Cost Analysis/Estimating and Program Plans for the entire CECOM C4ISR commodity line which totals $250B.

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