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Our Credo: Here to Serve

The Lockwood mission is to create an organization focused on service.

We serve – each other, the soldier, our customers, our employees, our partners, our vendors, our community – service is at the center of our Core Values and Culture.

Our customers come first. Being responsive, professional and reliable is why we are hired. We aim to deliver on all promises exceeding customer expectations and making certain all business decisions are made with the customer in mind.

Our employees are the face of our service. They are at the front lines working with our customers daily and its Lockwood’s duty to serve our employees. This means designing a culture centered around core values that inspire, retain and grow the best talent.


Our partners are fuel for our engine. Our great vendors, consultants, and teaming partners combine to fuel Lockwood ensuring we successfully deliver always. We consider our partners as one team working alongside.

Service to the community is important to us. We seek to volunteer, engage and support our communities through the investment of time and resources.

This service mindset is what inspired James and Jim Lockwood to embark on the journey in starting The Lockwood Group to deliver on the promise to Lead the Way to Mission Readiness for all people we serve.

The following 6 Core Values are the foundation by which we serve:

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Ethics & Integrity

At Lockwood, we do what’s right always with integrity, honesty and centered around the right ethical principles. We are proactive and diligent in maintaining this ensuring our customers, workforce, and partners are all on the same page.

Customer Commitment

We seek to EXCEED our customer’s expectations. We always act in their best interest being the problem solvers that they come to trust and rely on.

Team and Family Environment

Founded by a family, we take pride in family and seek to create a competitive team environment that strives to be the best individually and collectively. We treat each other with the same level of care, honesty, respect, comfort, and compassion while holding ourselves to the highest standards to compete in today’s business environment.


We aspire to serve our nation, our community, our families and each other. We invest our time and resources to support causes that enhance well-being and improve our country.


We seek to hire highly capable people whom we trust, providing a work environment for them to independently thrive, grow and lead. We enable a “Best idea wins” culture enabling everybody to share their ideas and take smart risks.


We seek to create a supportive environment centered around encouragement, gratitude, and positivity. We are designing a workplace where everybody truly enjoys going each and every day surrounded by supportive colleagues, friends, and family.


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