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Solutions // IPMP

Integrated Project Management Process (IPMP)

Ensure better visibility into your project to identify and mitigate risk early on.

Projects tend to create uncertainty. Disciplined project management is a necessity for success. Oftentimes failure is due to a result of inadequate management control. We have designed a forward-looking program management process, the IPMP, to provide the transparency and visibility you need to successfully manage your project.

Integrated Approach

Integrated approach digging beneath the basics of program management addressing the Key Pillars of Cost, Schedule, Quality, Risk and Technical Performance.

Web-Based Access

Web-Based Access providing continuous visibility and near real-time health assessment for your project.

Centralized Project Management Office

Centralized Project Management Office driving efficiency in how business is conducted on the project.

RIO Dashboard

Risk Dashboard provides near real-time visibility to address and mitigate risk immediately on your program to lessen the impact on cost, schedule, or performance.

Solutions // LRI

Logistics Readiness Impact (LRI)

Drive down your operating and support costs while improving your readiness.

The Lockwood Group developed the LRI Solution to plan logistics from an enterprise viewpoint. Our team is able to deliver consultation across all 12 integrated product support elements to improve Readiness and help drive down life cycle costs.

Tailored Solution

Tailored solution resourced in accordance to specific program’s funding profile.

Enterprise Approach

Enterprise approach across 12 IPS elements offered by proven Logistics Subject Matter Experts.

Flexibile Product Support

Ability to ramp up and staff across key elements of Product Support as needed and funded.

Experience With SETA and OEM

Bring forth product support expertise in SETA and OEM programs with unique perspective to identify readiness and life cycle costs issues from both sides.

Solutions // FTR

First Time Readiness Solution (FTR)

An integrated solution delivering the highest quality products to ensure Mission Readiness

Readiness of our modern systems had diminished over the last decade. The fundamentals of Integrated Product Support (IPS) have been forgotten. Furthermore the quality of logistics support products has deteriorated resulting in rework, added cost and lower Readiness. Lockwood's FTR solution improves Readiness through applying our single process approach to the development of logistics products such as Technical Manuals, Training Support Packages, Provisioning Bill of Materials and Maintenance Allocation Charts. Our FTR Solution applied saves our customer's costs while improving mission readiness of their system.

Lean and Efficient

Requires less manpower to execute. “One stop shop” ensures integration of all logistics products.

Right the First Time

High-quality logistics support products upon first time delivery requiring little to no rework saving project costs.

User Supported Design

Delivering products in accordance to what a user actually needs and developed by our cross-trained team of ILS experts and former system users.

No Upfront Training

Leveraging our ILS management expertise, no upfront training or ramp-up time needed for the team to save time on the project schedule.

Solutions // i2D

TLG Integrated Instructional Design (i2D) Solution

To keep pace with workplace and technology innovation, well-developed training programs are a must. Often training programs are developed in silo by a training staff resulting in content not meeting user needs. Additionally, forgotten in the process, are clearly defined goals, objectives, a budget and a schedule to stay on task within cost. TLG’s Integrated Instructional Design (i2D) solution addresses the disconnects through the application of the PADDIE+M process while integrating functional experts within the development process to ensure that your training meets real-world requirements.

The Lockwood Group’s Training Solution experts have been delivering tailored, integrated and innovative training solutions meeting the most unique customer needs for decades.

The TLG i2D Solution address the need to integrate functional expertise combined with program management to ensure the best possible output for your training program.


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