The Southwest Asia Drawdown

September 8, 2016 - By thinkitfirst

Ensuring Return of all C4ISR Systems from Theater

The C4ISR Drawdown program was a premier Army C4ISR logistics program responsible for the collection of C4ISR equipment for Army Team C4ISR customers – PEO C3T, PEO IEW&S, PEO EIS and CECOM – during the drawdown from Southwest Asia.


The Lockwood Group maintained 100% accountability of all returning systems

The Lockwood Group’s Logistics team provided Logistics, Transportation and Program Support in development of comprehensive Metrics Tracking and Management Reports for reporting on the status of returning C4ISR systems to senior CECOM and PM leadership. TLG collaborated with all levels of C4ISR stakeholders in Theater utilizing the Logistics Information Warehouse technology to maintain Tracking and Accountability. During TLG’s support to the Drawdown, no system went unaccounted for.

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