Training our Special Forces on the latest tactical technology platform

October 27, 2016 - By thinkitfirst

Critical capability fielded to ensure Mission Readiness

The Nett Warrior (NW) platform is an integrated dismounted situational awareness (SA) and mission command (MC) system for use during combat operations. Designed as a tool for leaders, NW provides unparalleled SA and MC capabilities to the dismounted leader, permitting faster and more accurate decisions during the tactical fight. With advanced navigation and information sharing capabilities, leaders are able to avoid fratricide and are more effective and more lethal in the execution of their combat missions.

The Lockwood Group has a deployable staff of former Special Ops SMEs to support this important capability

TLG is providing worldwide Technology Training, Integration and Field Support on the latest Nett Warrior technology at the tip of the spear for a variety of customers to include Special Forces, Army Rangers and other Army units.

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